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«Software for communication over the Internet for devices running on the operation system iOS «Depesha-I»

Included to the Register of computer programs, which is confirmed by the certificate of computer program registration No. 1404 , issued by the National Center of Intellectual Property of the Republic of Belarus .

Users' end devices must meet the following characteristics:

  • iOS operating system of the current version;
  • Amounts of the device's RAM is at least 1 GB;
  • Availability of Internet network access (3G, 4G, wifi) with a dedicated iPv4 address.

Depesha-I’s functionality:

  • adding other users to your contact list;
  • removing other users from the contact list;
  • search by contacts;
  • making voice calls;
  • exchange of instant text and voice messages, media messages and files in personal and group chats;
  • exchange of instant text and voice messages, media messages and files to channels;
  • displaying delivery statuses and viewing messages;
  • displaying information about the use of the client application by another user;
  • restricting access to the application interface using a PIN-code, or, if this feature is available on the mobile device, biometric systems;
  • reporting a screenshot (recording a video of the screen) by the interlocutor;
  • notification about the use of the speakerphone by the interlocutor;
  • a timer for storing messages on the user's device;
  • global search messages in chats;
  • guaranteed deletion of messages (including on the recipient's device).

List of exclusions.