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Initializing Startups
Support and implementation of fresh solutions.
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App Development
Our team can easily develop an app for your business needs and purposes.
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Business Intelligence
Fox3 BI services can help your company to optimize your business intelligence.
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Project Management
Our project management solutions help you to meet specific objectives and goals.
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Providing Quality Solutions

We focus on providing first-class business-driven IT solutions to companies of all sizes and types. Our advanced technology solutions, implemented by our team are unmatched in the industry.
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Qualified Team Members
Innovative IT Solutions

Experienced Designers & Developers

Unique in-house design, taking into account the wishes of customer. Product development accordance with the requirement of customer.

Software Development

Software development for different web and mobile platforms. Introduction of modern technologies, methods, tools and development of methodologies.

Testing Integration

At the final stage all company products go through several stages of testing. With highly qualified specialists in the field of testing, we produce only a quality product.

Mobile application Depesha

Mobile application Depesha-A for Android
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Mobile application Depesha-I for iOS
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Server software Depesha-S
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Cybersecurity Courses

FOX3 provides security and privacy in software, develops and implements end-to-end security solutions with the highest levels of performance based on the vast knowledge and experience. FOX3 maintains its knowledge and expertise up-to-date with global trend. A highly qualified and experienced FOX3 team is committed to the customer’s success by providing advanced solutions, services and ongoing support in line with operational requirements.
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Based on existing problems in the field of information technology, jointly and on the basis of the Institute of Advanced Training and Retraining in the field of information technologies and management, courses on cybersecurity have been organized. For the moment, the participants of the courses are beginners and leading specialists in the field of security of information system of oil refining, banking, law enforcement and information spheres. The cources focus on the transfer of theoretical knowledge and practical experience in creating, monitoring and testing of system in order to increase their resistance to cyberthreats. The courses are intended for private participants, representatives of legal entities and foreign citizens.
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Popular Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What are these courses about?
These courses include practical and theoretical skills in basic cyber threats control. The main purpose of the courses is to train participants how to analyze, monitor and counter attacks of various types and complexity.
What is the duration of the courses?
The total duration of the courses is two weeks. The curriculum takes into account the hours of theory and practice. By formal agreement, the number of practical parts can be increased for better consolidation of the material.
What will the courses give?
During the whole period of training a participant gets a lot of theoretical and practical skills. In addition, in the practical part, the participant applies the acquired knowledge. It is important to note that the practice is formed on the basis of personal experience of teachers and specialists with extensive experience. During the training, participants communicate with teachers in person and can ask questions or consult on issues of interest. At the end of the course, participants pass a qualification exam. Those who pass the exam successfully receive a state certificate.
How can I enroll in courses?
The list of participants is formed by appointment through an official notification of the desire for participating. In addition to direct contact with our company, you can also contact through our official representatives both in the Republic of Belarus and abroad.
How many participants are in the group?
The number of participants in the group is formed depending on various factors. It is possible to conduct courses for specialists of a particular customer or according to an individual program.
What is the cost of the courses?
The cost is calculated individually, based on various factors, as well as the individual wishes of a customer. You can get all the necessary information on the agreement, payment and other conditions by phone or using the feedback form.

Feedback About Us

Sergei Semashko
Project manager
"We have assembled a team of high-class specialists. In a short period of time we have implemented several international and national projects. We work with public and private customers. The best indicator for us is when customers who share our approach to development, do not hesitate to contact us for support of completed projects and proposals for the launch of new ones."
Vladimir Sedakov
Delivery Manager
"Why Fox3? Fox3 is not just a team in which it`s pleasant and comfortable to work. This is a team in which you trust and develop, realize your potential. There were many projects in which we were pioneers. However, joint efforts work wonders. I am pleased with where I work and I really feel it..."
Ilya Yatsukovich
QA - engineer
"I had an experience in large companies. They lose spirit, team cohesion and human attitude. Fox3 is a company that not only supports me in my endeavors, but also one with whom I move forward. Thanks to all the guys for their professionalism and support..."
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